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Retro-Direct Vangari

All Rickshaws and Vangari’s in Bangladesh have only a single gear. It’s something like 61 gear inches and way to stiff when under load. We adapted a vangari with a retro-direct drive system which means that if you pedel backwards you get a different gear. The upshot of this over a normal geared system with […]

Western Express

I finally got some internet access. I’m in the Apple Store in Las Vegas satisfying my internet fix. The only connection I’ve had to the digital/outside world for the last two weeks has been via my phone and that coverage has been spotty and yesterday my battery died. This bike trip has been a lot […]

Bike Trip

Tomorrow, I will fly to San Francisco. My ACL which was potentially torn, was revealed on the MRI to be only sprained. The result of this is that although the MCL was indeed torn, I can bike. So I am going try and join Michael, Cooper and Jon as they bike across the US for […]