the story

Terry Pratchett says that “People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it’s the other way around.” I’ve been thinking a lot about stories. There’s a story that wants to be told; the triumph of the underdog, discovery of the unknown or finding of hidden treasure. I love stories but I think they are […]

Chotto Mach

Bangladeshi’s love fish. I can’t really emphasize that enough. I mean I love food, but there’s other things I think about. In Bangladesh sometimes it seems like the only to think about. Rice and lentils are the staple and on special occasions you get to eat meat as well. It’s becoming less common, but you […]

Headless modem control on ARM

It seems so long ago that I first bought a EDGE/HSDPA modem so I could work on the train between Durham and Lancaster.  Linux was my OS of choice at the time and I used wvdial to control EDGE/HSDPA Modems. These days WWAN connections seem more common and I was very happy to see NetworkManager […]