Category: Wanderlust

Lesson 15: Kothay geyechen?

Some time ago I went for a walk along some village trails I hadn’t walked before. Bangladeshis will often ask questions to Bideshis, but on this particular trip I was struck by how many started with “Kothay geyechen?” meaning “Where did you go?” I thought it was sort of an odd place to start. In […]

Lesson 14: shudo hatul takle…

I am guilty of thinking that I know how the world works. Oh sure, I might not know everything, but I know many of the general principles and if I need to, can do the research to find out the details. Thing is, I sometimes get blindsided by ideas outside of my discipline, for example […]

Lesson 12: Ek hate tali baje na

In the past two years I’ve lived in Bangladesh, I’ve spent a lot of time riding on rickshaws. I ride them to get to the center of town for shopping. I’ve ridden them for a hour to get from a town to the border. When my hand was broken, I would go 40 minutes on […]