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Lesson 13: pukur churi koreche

One way I sometimes pass the time in Bangladesh is watching talks from TED. One that I enjoyed was when Rory Sutherland spoke about the strange disproportionality of work in human problem solving, especially when it involves human psychology. He says that we generally think big important problems need big important and expensive solutions, however […]

Lesson 12: Ek hate tali baje na

In the past two years I’ve lived in Bangladesh, I’ve spent a lot of time riding on rickshaws. I ride them to get to the center of town for shopping. I’ve ridden them for a hour to get from a town to the border. When my hand was broken, I would go 40 minutes on […]

Lesson 11: Jane pani peyechi

My life is lived in tension. I think that’s ok, because if we’re honest, we all live in tension from the stark contrasts in life. For example, when I used to work at IBM, one issue they talked about the was finding balance between work and life. They realized correctly that a career and family […]