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State of the computer in the Developing World

You’ve probably notice two trends in the developed world. The first is toward web or cloud based software and the second is a move toward mobile devices and content in both cases the trend is toward greater network connectivity. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I haven’t seen anything that compelling in desktop software design […]

Android apps in the Developing world

Amazon has been doing some really interesting things with technology in the last 5 years.  Some part of still me thinks of them as an online book store, but many of their own technology products have been consistently innovative and unique.  Until the kindle, most of those like the EC2 (virtual servers on an hourly rate) and […]


It’s starting to get hot and as a result power outages are getting more frequent.  Last year with more than 12hour daily power outages and only 3 or 4 during daylight hours it was hard to get any work done.  This year however, we got a solar system setup and I hope that makes things […]