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Something I’ve been working on for while is a program called solpy. solpy is is a python library to model solar system power performance similar to PVWatts or NREL’s System Advisor Model(SAM). This is primarily a research and analysis tool and there is no guarantee on the calculations. I initially started writing this while working […]

Headless modem control on ARM

It seems so long ago that I first bought a EDGE/HSDPA modem so I could work on the train between Durham and Lancaster. ¬†Linux was my OS of choice at the time and I used wvdial to control EDGE/HSDPA Modems. These days WWAN connections seem more common and I was very happy to see NetworkManager […]

The Next Billion

Mobile phones are everywhere in Bangladesh. It’s been so successful here because it fits ¬†well into the culture of gab, aggregates the purchasing power of Bangladeshi’s, and the infrastructure is able to avoid many of the problems pervasive in Bangladesh. Recently I wrote a post about the barriers to information transfer in the developing world […]