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Time well spent?

I just got to Macau this evening.   So very good to be back here.  I left Cambodia yesterday.   I really enjoyed my time there.   So drastically different from Bangladesh, but in some ways very similar.  I put some photos up on flickr.  Probably the most notable event though was that I have a neice now, […]

Radio Silence

I haven’t posted anything for a little while, that’s not to say that there’s been nothing to say. Life has been rather frenetic and the BDR mutiny was added turmoil. Before things got too crazy though, I wrote an article for Able Magazine which just came out titled “People in Space“. Hope you enjoy it.

Second Christmas

I’ve been slowly realizing it’s January and 2009. I find it’s hard to get oriented in a new year. Add to that the fact that it was about 70 degrees this afternoon and the confusion of which days constitute a weekend and I feel a little lost. Today I had a batch of Christmas Cards […]