Retro-Direct Vangari

All Rickshaws and Vangari’s in Bangladesh have only a single gear. It’s something like 61 gear inches and way to stiff when under load. We adapted a vangari with a retro-direct drive system which means that if you pedel backwards you get a different gear. The upshot of this over a normal geared system with derailleurs is that it uses much fewer parts and is potentially more rugged. This first attempt has got some issues to work out but it might have some potential. Here’s theĀ Video.

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  1. This looks great and I will be attempting to fit a retro-direct drive to a cyclo-type (delta) rickshaw in a week or so. See , I have already put the extra cog on the driven wheel (can be seen in the photos) . Can the trike in the photo video be wheeled backwards and if it can’t does this pose a problem?

    Best Wishes

    Steve Nurse

    Melbourne Australia

  2. Steve,
    Yes currently it can’t be wheeled backward. The downside of running the chain for both forward and reverse is that the front chain ring essentially locks the rear axle from going backward. I suspect that with a delta rickshaw it’ll be less of a problem because you can pick up the rear tire fairly easily. However, with two wheels in the back and a load on top of it, being able to go backward is fairly important. I can think of two ways of dealing with this problem, the first is with some sort of clutch, the second would be by playing games with the chainline slack. I’m not sure either of these are great solutions for Bangladesh

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