Time well spent?

I just got to Macau this evening.   So very good to be back here.  I left Cambodia yesterday.   I really enjoyed my time there.   So drastically different from Bangladesh, but in some ways very similar.  I put some photos up on flickr.  Probably the most notable event though was that I have a neice now, which makes me an Uncle.

I spent another day in Kaula Lumpur, however that was mostly a non event.  I stayed out at LCCT and while I did go in to the town center, I didn’t see much.  This morning I camped out in a Starbucks taking advantage of their free wifi.  I’ve been thinking about a redesign of the old blog for a while now, something a little more minimalist and this seemed like a good way to use a slow morning.  I’ve been reading Dive into mark and I’m liking a lot of his thoughts, especially things like Simplicity is hard lets go shopping.  So I started hacking this morning and by check in time I had something that looks like his site, maybe too much, even if it is the MIT license.   I’m not sure how important blog design is these days, I mean I use RSS feeds for most of my friends blogs.  It’s fun to have something that looks good though, or at least that I think looks good.  If it doesn’t look good, well, stop using Microsoft explorer, or let me know.

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  1. Ahh spending a night at the Starbucks in LCCT, been there done that! Although the bench does makes a nice bed.

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